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Inox tanks, ALWAYS FULL, to avoid the air chamber inside, conical bottom for storage, also for winemaking, fermentation can be carried out with the difficulty of removing the skins. Material of construction all in stainless steel 304l, possibility of construction in 316l on request.

FINISHES: * of the stainless steel sheet: polished interior finish and damask exterior. * TIG welds with inert gas, coated, passivated, brushed.

DETAIL * Upper part: Tubular profile of peripheral reinforcement by torsion of the same sheet giving the necessary reinforcement. Floating lid in stainless steel with semicircular perimeter of double lip for the perfect coupling of the air chamber. Rope fixing anchors to be able to pull the cover. Double acting safety valve (pressure / depression) in plastic. Support for arm placement with pulleys. Rotating arm with knob and pulleys for the passage of the rope facilitating the lifting of the cover. * Cylinder: Support for the winch for the collection of the rope facilitating the raising and lowering of the cover. kit always full complete air chamber, manual cylinder, hose, clamps, rope. Complete level with 304l stainless steel tap with gas hose with plastic hose or methacrylate tube, with calibrated profile of general capacity. Nameplate and identification. Supports stairs from 3,000l. Tap takes samples in stainless steel. Lower mouth diameter 400mm. 304 stainless steel butterfly valve on the NW 50 male outlet at the bottom.

* Bottom: 45º centered conical. Exit centered on the bottom of the cone with a total drain connection and a 304 stainless steel butterfly valve, NW 50 male outlet. Tapered feet with adjustable nut and bolts for perfect alignment (+/- 60mm). With stainless steel floor support plates diameter 140mm.

Capacity: 1000 ltrs

Diameter: 1030 mm

Height: 1610 mm

More details

May contain traces of machining fluid and undesirable odors.

A good cleaning is necessary to avoid migrations.
Smell the inside of the taps.

In the case of oil, the air chambers affect the rubber with its acidity, so it is recommended to carry out regular inspections and have spare chambers.

Optional: adaptation of agitators, external cleaning tube with internal shower, thermal liners, search for clearings ... (on request).

* Identification and approval: Sanitary registration of industries and food products RSPAC 3905561 / CAT. In accordance with the provisions of article 4, 5th paragraph of D.L. 01/25/92 No. 108 and CEE directive 89/109. Identification plate for manufacturing, cubing and identification.

Capacity Diameter aprox Total height    aprox.
 1000 ltrs 1030 mm 1610 mm
1500 ltrs 1150 mm 1860 mm
2000 ltrs 1320 mm 1860 mm
2500 ltrs 1320 mm 2160 mm
3000 ltrs 1320 mm 2550 mm
5000 ltrs 1600 mm 2850 mm