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Inox tank for automatic vinification.

It is used interchangeably for storage in the case of wine, beer, oil ... or fermentation for beer and wine ...

  • Pneumatic cylinder with high pressure power for an efficient paste mixture.
  • Immersion mixer for the control of the oxidation of the paste.
  • Automation command for most of the process.
  • Equipped with hat immersion mechanism and accessories for temperature control and regulation.
  • System for the elimination of pasta seeds during fermentation.
  • The construction of the bottom with rake and dosing door makes it possible to empty the winemaker quickly and easily.
  • The equipment for the immersion of the hat is removable to use the winemaker deposit for the fermentation or storage of the wine.

May contain traces of machining fluid and undesirable odors.
A good cleaning is necessary to avoid migrations.
Smell the inside of the taps.

Capacity Diameter Height
3100 ltrs 1580 mm 3500 mm
4100 ltrs 1580 mm  4550 mm
5100 ltrs 1580 mm 4950 mm