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CIP equipment designed to easily perform the necessary cleaning tasks in small, medium and large industries.
For the cleaning of tanks, hoses, bottling equipment ...


  • A stainless steel tank 316 capacity 500 ltrs for the preparation of the formula for cleaning, with top cover, flat bottom with top product inlet and bottom outlet.
  • Pump of 3 C.V. flow 6.000 - 18.000 Ltrs / h power 380 V three-phase collectors.
  • All the equipment mounted on stainless steel platform on wheels.
  • Standard electrical panel.
  • Regulating valves and return valves made of 316 stainless steel.
  • Manufacture of the tank in polished finish.


  • Manufacture of a second Inox tank for water recovery, or use for passivation water.
  • Possibility of manufacturing in different sizes and modifications.
  • Installation of resistance for heating.
  • Temperature control chart.
  • Manufacture of the tank in polished finish.