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The WINE & EGG brand concrete wine tanks are distinguished by their first-class manufacturing. The homogeneity of the material and the smooth inner surface provide easy maintenance and add to the original appearance of the tanks.
The concrete eggs include the innovations:
* the first concrete container or tank that is egg-shaped and built in one piece;
* an egg-shaped concrete tank for which we develop a special concrete mix without chemicals or other additives;
* the first concrete egg without hardware or other reinforcements;
* the first concrete egg resistant to low pH values ​​(3>) without additional protective layer.
In addition, the WINE & EGG concrete eggs ensure optimal oxygen permeability. As oxygen penetrates through the concrete, the tannins in the wine are softened and the wine develops a richer body and a more complex flavor. The concrete does not add any flavor of vanilla or other spices from the oak, but allows the winemaker to preserve the fruity characteristics of the wine without the reducing characteristics of stainless steel and adds texture without the flavors coming from the oak. As well as an optimal thermal conductivity, which is the result of research on the optimal wall thickness, the appropriate material and the egg-shaped tank in one piece without embedding concrete legs. The advantage is its better thermal behavior compared to other tanks such as polyethylene.
Wine stored in egg-shaped concrete tanks is rich in tannins and stable by nature, which provides the winemaker with a long-lasting wine, without the need for additives to preserve the quality of the wine and its magnificent flavor. In addition, the tannins in the concrete tanks restrict the protein content and thus prevent the wine from becoming cloudy.

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