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Volumetric dispensers with positive displacement of the product to be filled, pneumatic and electrical operation.

The product to be packaged can be extracted by self-aspiration both from a container placed under the machine, and from a storage tank, without the help of external pumps.

It allows filling any container with liquid, semi-dense products, and with suspended particles.

It is particularly suitable for filling in all types of containers, especially from 75 cl.

The quantity of product to be supplied is easy to select and the quantity served in each dosage may vary without a general limit of any quantity.

Due to its pneumatic components the machine produces a certain repetitive sound and a normal vibration in its operation.

Thanks to its technology it is possible to attach a cartridge holder filter before filling to perform the last filtration prior to packaging.

The approximate performance of the machine is 400 l / hour approx.

Dimensions: 420 x 420 x 460 mm.

Compressor is required for operation.