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Professional filter 40 plates 40 x 40 model Tauro aluminum with a low cost in consumables.

Using this system you get some of the best results in fluid filtration.

With this model, losses of drip fluid are reduced to a minimum.

Performance similar to closed drum filters.


  • Stainless steel structure SS.304.
  • Aluminum crosspiece.
  • Presser plates in aluminum thicker than 65mm covered in the inner part with Inox sheet AISI .304 without welding to avoid corrosion.
  • All ducts and parts in contact with liquid in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Closing of the filter package by mechanical screw.
  • Inox butterfly valves with the exception of the pump control valve, which is a ball valve for better flow control.


- Centrifugal pump.
- Extended spindle to filter with 20 less plates.
- Double filtration plate kit, with an extra output on the mobile presser and a change plate sense of the filtration to carry out two filtrations of different degree in the same moment: filter and refilter.

Model Nº plates Production approx.
Tal 20 with pump 20 1120-6500 ltrs/h
Tal 20 without pump  20 1120-6500 ltrs/h
Tal 40 with pump 40 2240-13000 ltrs/h
Tal 40 without pump 40 2240-13000 ltrs/h
Tal 60 with pump 60 3360-20000 ltrs/h
Tal 60 without pump 60 3360-20000 ltrs/h

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