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Lifting straps, PVC lifting band, stainless steel frame, mechanical speed variator, electric panel and lifting through electric hoist (hydraulic piston option) for adjustment of discharge height. Band width 400 mm for the versions of length 2500, 3000, 3500 and 4000 mm. Band pass that can also be inspected internally, wort pump connection and inspection cover. Possibility of 250 mm band for the ECO version, 2000 mm length, adjustable height with telescopic foot, fixed speed. Hopper to unload containers.

In. Via presents the revolutionary model, a world novelty, essential patented in any warehouse due to its great versatility, thanks to the set of telescopic feet they increase the discharge height, allow the hopper level to be lowered even below pneumatic presses, and as a final option for to obtain the maximum performance of the machine and to take advantage of the investment, it has the elevation that allows the belt to become a belt selection table.