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Total stop deferred control lack of diesel control built-in micro-loss tank detergent supply with detergent suction in low pressure pump (1400 rpm models).

The mt10 AP R1 / R2 hose launches an automatic nozzle gun with 110 cm nozzle No. 1 + quick couplings.

Full stop fuel level control delayed microfiltration control.
Direct feed from internal detergent tank with low pressure chemical suction (1400 rpm models) 10mt HP R1 / R2 hose 110cm launches.
No.1 automatic gun nozzle + inlet and outlet couplings.


• Innovative and functional project.

• 3-piston ceramic pump connecting rod / connecting rod system with brass head.

• 24v low voltage electrical installation.

• Self-extinguishing ABS electrical panel with IP55 protection with hinge for easy access to internal components.

• Timed total stop 20 ’’.

• Boiler control.

• High efficiency stainless steel vertical boiler with separate motor.

• Absence of water control.

• Against micro leaks.

• Reinforced self-extinguishing polyethylene support structure, with acoustic absorption, with function of diesel tank and detergent tank.

• 2 large diameter fixed wheels (260 mm) 2 swivel wheels 100 mm in diameter with integrated brake.

• Separate the control valve by restarting the pump when the lance is closed.

• Security valve.

• High sensitivity adjustment thermostat with direct immersion bulb and constant temperature control.

• Direct supply with low pressure detergent suction (high pressure with water tank on request) with integrated dispenser.

Model Pressure Flow
Hp Weight
E130 130 600 2,8 95 Kg
K110 100 720 3 105 Kg
S200 200 900 4,8 105 Kg