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InVIA has developed an effective grape clarification system, VIAMOST, at an economical price, to make this filtering technique available to all.
Thanks to the musts clarifier with nitrogen, a filtration process is achieved naturally.
Especially recommended for the treatment of white and rosé wines.

The solid elements are raised by the application of gaseous microparticles.

It is used to clarify musts before fermentation, eliminating the thickest parts. The principle of operation is the injection of compressed air or inert gas that adheres to skins etc making them float, the clear is aspirated by the bottom of the tank.

With VIAMOST, 15,000 to 20,000 liters of must are clarified in 1 hour.
It is not necessary to refrigerate the wort at 8 ° C since the machine can work with musts at room temperature (around 20 ° C) thus avoiding cooling and the risk of undesired fermentation.

You can mount 2 teams in parallel to get twice the performance.


Use bentonites, liquid gelatin and other products as enzymes to help clarify.

- Maximum use of musts.
- Minimizes the need for nitrogen and increases the contribution of aromas thanks to the scarce contact of the must.
- Minimizes labor.
- The production capacity of the different equipment is between 100 and 400 hl / h.
- Easy handling and displacement machine thanks to its assembly in stainless steel, which allows to move the equipment with comfort and ease.

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