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Renowned in the oenological world for its good performance and its respect for transferred liquids, the peristaltic pump is the quintessential wine pump. All our pumps are standard equipped with frequency inverters and electrical boxes.

Areas of use:

· Clear wine, musts, lees, de-stemmed grape paste (with the option of a hopper) and racking.

These pumps are very easy to maintain. External tube lubrication is only required every 200 to 300 hours to ensure long life.

On the other hand, the absence of mechanical parts in contact with the wine cancels the foam, emulsion or oxidation phenomena.

It also provides perfect pump emptying as well as simple and effective cleaning.

The rotary movement of the rollers at low speed (max. 60 rpm) associated with a large section of tube offers a smoothness and quality of pumping that is unmatched and recognized in the world of

The high suction powers (-9 m) and discharge (+5 bar) give peristaltic pumps a much higher performance than piston pumps, especially under heavy loads where the flow remains almost constant, unlike other processes that suffer Significant performance losses during pressure build-up. The tightness in the tube is perfect, there is no escape for the pumped liquid.

This pump can also easily transfer heavily loaded liquids, such as mud and lees, or vintage paste with the hopper option.

Dry running is possible without incident.

The wide range of the drive used due to the electronic speed controller also allows it to run smoothly to complete (for example) keg filling operations.

The control of the motor by variator allows to obtain smooth acceleration slopes so as not to cause shocks. The stop phases are also managed more quickly, without being abrupt. The motor reversal can be requested at any time without having to return to a stop phase.

More details

Simple design, accessibility and disassembly are easy. Significant advantages during maintenance operations, but also and above all, in the daily cleaning of the machine. The air compensation cups can be removed simply with a connection wrench.

Maximum pressure 2/3 kilos.

Model Engine RPM Flow Mouth diameter
AS20 1HP/380V 20-90 5-20 hl/h 40 mm
AS50 2HP/380V 7-65 5-50hl/h 40 mm
AS100 4HP/380V 7-60 10-100 hl/h 50 mm
AS200 5,5HP/380V 7-60 20-200hl/h 80 mm
AS300 10HP/380V 7-60 60-300hl/h 100 mm
AS100 with stainless steel hopper 4+1HP/380V 7-60 4-7 ton/h 80 mm
AS200 with stainless steel hopper 5,5+11HP/380V 7-60 10-14 ton/h 100 mm
AS300 with stainless steel hopper 10+11HP/380V 7-60 13-18 ton/h 100 mm