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Semi-automatic pilfer-proof capper with safety system “no cap no roll” descending head for pilfer caps.

Ascending system The base plate where the bottle is placed is raised to the head by a manually operated side lever (see video).

They close all types of PFP capsules from Ø 18 to 43 mm, but it is not suitable for MCA and BVS capsules and where a vertical pressure greater than 70 Kg is needed.

The equipment is supplied with a 3-roller INOX steel head, this element is factory regulated (prior to sending samples) for the closure of a single type of cap.

Each head only closes a plug diameter, therefore if it is desired to use the machine to cover more than one plug format, new heads would have to be acquired.

The heads are calibrated at the factory for which it is necessary to send a sample of bottle and cap.

Adjustable head height depending on the bottle size.

For small bottles the equipment is supplied with a custom positioner / centering device (for 1 bottle size).


  • Suitable for closure of caps Ø 28 - 35 mm.
  • Production approx. 600 bottles / hour (depending on the skill of the operator).
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Dimensions: 450 x 450 x 1000.
  • Weight 45 Kg.
  • Motor power of 0.25 KW.
  • Electrical panel 220 V, 50 Hz, with CE standard protection.

video demo

Video demo