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Piston pump, vertical.

Cylinder, valve box and bronze pistons.

Piston shafts and stainless steel air chambers.

Transmission and reduction of speed with trapezoidal belts and helical gears, in steel
high resistance

Flow inverter.

Safety valve that prevents excessive pressure work.

Transfer at low speed, without alteration of the qualities of the most delicate wines. Valves of
rubber and easily replaceable piston cups.

IP-55 box with on / off switch, protection against overloads and short circuits and button
emergency stop.

Model Pistons  Maximum flow kw  Mouth diameter
BIJOU 1 MF 1 8.000 LTRS/H 1,1 DN 40
BIJOU 1 TF 1 9.500 LTRS/H 1,5 DN 40
BIJOU 2 2 18.000 LTRS/H 2,2 DN 50