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Pneumatic presses for wine production.

Characterized by a soft and adjustable pressing thanks to the air membrane that it incorporates, guaranteeing the obtaining of a high quality must.

Option of axial load through the vintage pump, top load through double door. Closed tank pressing.

The AE automation allows manual or automatic operation. Automatic mode consists of five programs on the PS5 and multiple on other standard pressing models, three sequential programs and one frozen grape pressing program. Pressing parameters can be selected during the process.

Lids for opening (PST 5 - 16) and hermetic door (PST 21 - 55) together with the covers for the channels allow the maceration of the paste and mixing by rotating the drum.

Pressure sensor, with an audible signal that alerts the operator of an excess in the drum filling.

With ball valve.

The center fill connection is fitted as standard on all presses (except PSP / PST 5 and 8 models). The passage of said connection is DN100, on the outside it allows the mounting of DN65, DN80 or DN100 valves.

Collection tank equipped with wheels. The rail mounted tub can be supplied on PST 21 to 55 presses (on request).

Model Drum volume Whole grape Crushed grapes Fermented grape
PST 5 500 ltrs 250-400 kg 700-1000 kg 1500-2500 kg
PST 8 800 ltrs 400-650 kg 1100-1500 kg 1500-2500 kg
PST 10 1000 ltrs 500-800 kg 1400-1800 kg 1800-3100 kg
PST 12 1200 ltrs 600-950 kg 1650-2260 kg 2250-3750 kg
PST 16 1600 ltrs 800-1200 kg 2400-4000 kg 3500-5000 kg
PST 21 2100 ltrs 1100-1700 kg 3300-5300 kg 4800-7300 kg


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