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- Special pump for sugar solutions to add to generous, flavored and aromatic wines, mixtures of clarifying or stabilizing materials.
- To incorporate bentonites ... to the wine table, mistelas, to clarify or stabilize, treatment
of wines with oenological coals, liquid aeration racking ...

Agitator and pump in the same equipment, avoiding loss of time in intermediate operations and a perfect homogenization of the mixture.

Possibility of coupling upper vertical agitator.

Equipment consisting of stainless steel tank, lower pump, total drain valve, mounted on wheels, upper liquid inlet.

With top split lid to facilitate product entry.

Especially indicated for:

  • Wine: malolactic, yeasts, enzymes.
  • Liquors: dissolution sugars and glucoses.
  • Sparkling wines: draft and expedition liquor.

Usable for any other process of mixing liquids or mixtures with liquid base and solid materials of low granulometry.

Model Capacity Diameter aprox Height aprox. Pump Time of processing and transfer 
M400 400 ltrs 830 mm 1482 mm 3 C.V. 20"
M600 600 ltrs 985 mm 1490 mm 4 C.V. 25"
M1000 1000 ltrs 1185 mm 1492 mm 4 C.V. 50"