EXTRA MODEL CUBE TANK 1200 x 740 x 570 mm 500 LITERS

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Stainless steel DISCOUPE bucket, with built-in wheels and handle. They facilitate the collection of
liquids after vinification, pressing, destemming or squeezing and you do not want to use a vintage pump with hopper.

It is possible to attach a submersible pump for the evacuation of the liquid as it is being filled.

Very useful also for the picking of the skins once the vinification is finished.

cube tank of large capacity.

Perforated grid 5 mm in diameter, liquid inlet with 45 ° elbow to avoid splashing.

It has wheels for easy movement.

Threads of entrance and exit at the request of the client.

POSSIBILITY to mount the bucket with support to move with pallet truck or forklift.


  • Available in matt or polished stainless steel.
  • Capacity: 500 liters.
  • Measures: 740 x 570 x 1,200mm.
  • Stainless steel grid with 5 mm perforations to retain the skin.
  • Entrance with 45º ELDO to avoid splashing.
  • INPUT AND OUTPUT DIN 50 any other measure on demand.